What Makes the HC Team a Well Oiled Machine (+ How Your Team Can Be One Too!)

2016 was a learning year.  A year that I set higher financial goals, pushed myself to new limits + the year the HC team became a well-oiled machine allowing me to focus on what matters the most in my business. Instead of trying to dive into each and every practice the HCHQ team does to make everything operate smoothly, I decided to ask them all individually what they think our best routines are — so that you can truly get an inside peek.


My take 

“I think of us like one of those amazing cuckoo clocks. Everyone on the team has a specific function that allows them to do what they are really good at, but in order for the clock to work, all of the pieces have to work together. I am the vision gal who comes up with all of the crazy ideas (also known as the cuckoo bird), Amanda is my Business Manager/Right Hand Gal (the calm to my crazy) that makes sure all of the pieces are working together and that the clock is running smoothly. Indigo, Director of Happiness, is the gal that makes sure the gears are at peak performance. She ensures our clients and students are taken care of and that all of our external communications are set up and sent out weekly (aka she handles ConvertKit, LeadPages, WebinarJam, and all emails.) Irene, Graphic Design/Web Design Extraordinaire, makes the clock look pretty. She creates everything visually to make our brand stunning and cohesive. Kayli, is our Content Creation Genie who writes the words so I can deliver them with fun and ease instead of how my brain spits them out (like a cuckoo bird with jumbled word vomit.)”

Amanda’s Take (Business Manager)

 “First– we have the dream team and we work well together and compliment each other’s strengths/weaknesses! The Progress Board has current work and 30-60-90 day ‘lists’ that help the team see what is coming up, what tasks work with others, and helps team members see where they can get ahead. I really love that we are consistently getting feedback from team members in our team calls. Making sure we let each team member tell us what went great and what could have been better over the last month (or after each major project) helps us evolve and tweak our processes. Slack has been amazing for our team. We all jump on, collaborate and give instant feedback. And one of the best parts – we stay out of inboxes!”

Indigo’s Take (Director of Happiness)

“I think what makes us a well-oiled machine is we have a really robust team, and everyone is in their zones of genius. That means we all see the end goals but are able to really focus and deliver our best work on our individual pieces. Everyone is so open, supportive and collaborative which means we’re able to overcome any roadblocks quickly and with minimal frustration. Giving and receiving feedback is a regular process, which means we’re able to really adjust and improve our processes on a consistent basis — which in turn means we can do even better work going forward because we know what went well and what we need to improve.”

Irene’s Take (Graphic/Web Designer)

“Teamwork and communication keep HCHQ running like a well-oiled machine. While we all have our own zones of genius, everyone works together to build something bigger than ourselves. You won’t hear us say ‘that’s not my job, ask ____,’ but instead we’re all eager to jump in and help wherever we can.”

Kayli’s Take (Content Creation + Social Media)

“Being a part of the HCHQ is seriously like being a part of a dream team. We all know exactly what’s expected of us, and our use of Trello boards (implemented this year by Amanda) is superb. We know exactly what we should be working on and what’s due up to 3 months out. Another tool we began using this year is Slack and if you don’t have it already all I can say is get it. It’s cut down my HCHQ emails to almost nothing, is great for team communication and allows us to easily serach for conversations or links that otherwise would be lost in the deep dark online abyss. Lastly, we started having monthly meetings (and even a virtual team retreat!) this year that have done wonders for our team morale and productivity.”

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