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Archive for February 2019

Ep. 004 Delegate + Elevate

Last week we talked about showing up + growing up. If you missed that episode, go listen so you don’t miss out. Today, we are doing something fun + new. I asked my listeners to submit their questions and they came pouring in. Thank you all so much.  I love this amazing community and want…

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Ep. 003 Show Up + Grow Up

Last week was all about connecting the dots in your business + your life. If you missed that episode, go check it out. Today, I want to share a question I get asked all the time. “Heather, how do I grow my business or how do I get more clients or customers?”My answer to the…

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Ep. 002 Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

Last week, I chatted about those moments that change us + the one that changed me. Today I am gonna share how another moment in my life changed everything again. So, we left off when I had just quit my profession in the legal field and started my own event planning business. I had no…

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Ep. 001 Those Moments That Change You

Those Moments That Change Us

Every week I will be sharing a lesson to help you in your business and life. To start the podcast I first wanted to share about the day that changed everything for me. While you may not have experienced something similar or maybe this will ring too close to home, here we are friends and…

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