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Last week was all about connecting the dots in your business + your life. If you missed that episode, go check it out.

Today, I want to share a question I get asked all the time. “Heather, how do I grow my business or how do I get more clients or customers?”My answer to the question of how do you grow your business is this…show up and grow up. I am not talking about growing up, as in you are a child and need to grow up. No, in order to GROW your business, you need to first show up and show up consistently.

Let me say that again, you need to not just show up, but show up CONSISTENTLY.

This is not showing up to become famous though…this is showing up to serve others. When you show up, people will see what you do + who you are and get to know you. Then, they decide if they like you or not. When you show up consistently, they start to trust you. This is the know, like + trust factor. You need this in order for people to buy from you.

Being consistent is made up of two parts: 1. Time  (daily, weekly, monthly or are you not showing up at all…Let me tell you…not at all is not gonna work) and 2. showing up in the same way everywhere.

Let’s dive deeper into showing up + how to do it:

  1. Own what you do + who you are. In other words, be you boo + tell us what you do.

And don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from showing up.

I hear this from people all the time. I am afraid to go on InstaStories or I am afraid to go on FB Live or I am afraid to go to events. Because I am afraid people won’t like who I am or understand what I do.


Guess what…not everyone is going to like you.

But guess what else…we don’t want to work with everyone. We want our dream clients…the people that have problems we know we can solve. The people that get us excited about our work. The people that really want to work with us. These people believe in you. They are excited to work with you. They trust you.


Let me tell you about how I showed up when I first started this business. My first photoshoot. I wore crazy pants and a white blazer. I was like party at the bottom, business up top. I think subconsciously I wanted to show people I was creative, but I meant business and knew what I was talking about…because I did.


But, I look back now and laugh, because I was showing up, but I wasn’t fully showing up as me. I didn’t need the blazer to show I was smart enough to teach others how to run their business. I was a jeans + T-shirt kinda gal and NEVER wore blazers anymore.


But I had let my version of what I thought others would need to see in order to hire me take over instead of just showing up fully as I truly was.


Now I know better, and you will most likely see me in jeans or yoga pants. With or without makeup, hair down or in a top knot, dancing around on IG stories or sharing knowledge from my home office on FB Live + here with you…speaking the truth + sharing stories to really help you in your business + help you live your best life.


There was another time with one of my Savvy Business Circle mastermind members was afraid to show up as herself, because she thought others would think she was weird or different then them and not hire her. She also was not getting her dreamy clients to hire her. I told her “Girl, if you love Harry Potter (I love HP too), Lord of the Rings, playing video games and all magical creatures…own it. The people you want to work with will be attracted to the same things. They will get you. Now, she has unicorns and wizard wands as icons in her brand. She owned it fully and she loves her clients + has attracted a community of people who love her!


So remember, show up fully as you. Don’t try to be anyone else.


So now we know you need to show up + show up consistently, but where do you go to SHOW UP?


  1. Your website…show your face. People connect with people, so I better see your face on there. Your copy should connect with your dreamies and also let them know what your mission or purpose is and what you do…aka how you can help them. Make it simple + easy to understand, but show up.
  2. Facebook or Facebook Live: Let me just put this out there before you say. Yes, you may go on FB Live and no one show up live or no one comments. It is okay. 1. They can enjoy the replay and you get to practice getting better and better on FB Live. Also, you can use the video to put on your website or put in your email. Don’t let the perfectionism bug stop you. We all have to start somewhere. You might be awesome the first time you do it, but if not, know that is where most of us started and work on getting better every time.
  3. Instagram, IG Stories and IG Live: Same as FB. If this is where your people are, SHOW UP. Shares things that are entertaining, educational or inspirational. Share intentionally about the things you care about, the people you care about and how you can help others. You will attract those people who get you and want to work with you.
  4. Podcast or YouTube
  5. Blog
  6. Email
  7. Connecting with people face-to-face or virtually online
  8. Events

You don’t have to show up everywhere. Pick a few places and show up consistently.


Now, I also want to share important things to keep in mind when you are showing up in these ways. This a relationship you are trying to form with your audience. You want them to like and trust you. And relationships are not a one-way street. So think of this relationship and seal it with a kiss of red lipstick.


Reply: If people are asking questions or responding, reply back to them. Don’t leave them stranded or you will never make it past the first date.

Engage: They don’t have to be the first one to speak. Connect with them + bring them into your community.

Do It With Intention: You don’t have to show up everywhere or 24/7. You just need to choose how you are showing up and show up consistently with intention.


And guess what? When you show up, your business will organically start to grow. Your community will start to grow.


So friend, I ask you to take action now. How are you going to start showing up or show up more in the world? You have a gift and I, WE want to see you and learn from you.


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