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Last week we talked about showing up + growing up. If you missed that episode, go listen so you don’t miss out.

Today, we are doing something fun + new. I asked my listeners to submit their questions and they came pouring in. Thank you all so much.  I love this amazing community and want to share more from members of it. So today, I am sharing our first question from Adrienne of Hearts Content Events. Here is what Adrienne asked:

How have you managed delegating tasks to your team? I just brought new people onto my team and I am so excited about this journey and transition in my business. But sometimes, somedays…it feels like delegating tasks is just as much work and just as time consuming as doing the work myself. And sometimes I am a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what to delegate and to whom.

Thank you so much, Adrienne, for your question.

So first she asked, how have you managed delegating tasks to your team? I want to pause here and say, I didn’t start this business with a team. I had a team including a business partner in my first business, but with this business, I started with just me, myself and I.

But I knew where I wanted to go and I knew I was going to need others to get me there.

I have had a lot of different team members over the past four years including hiring a launch strategist, marketing manager, social media manager, brand photographer and a video editor…upwards to a team of 10 for my small business.

But today, I have a team of 8, and it includes my accountant, bookkeeper, business manager, brand manager, director of happiness, podcast editor, and our FB ads manager.

Again, I didn’t start with a business manager or all of these team members. So if you are listening and saying, well that is really fantastic Heather, because I don’t have a business manager or one of the other members on your team, so now what? Remember, we each start somewhere. So did I. I built this team little by little.

For instance, my business manager, Amanda, started when I hired her for a specific project. She did so awesome on the project…it was a 90 day plan for my business…that I hired her for more and eventually hired her on my team as my business manager.

My brand designer, Irene, actually was a student in one of my courses and I loved seeing her work as a designer, so I hired her to do my website. She and her team at Magnoliahouse Creative are now in charge of designing + updating all of my websites as well as my pdfs, social graphics, and anything that visually represents my business.

Now that you know what my team looks like and how I built up to it, let me share a few things before I share the step-by-step of how I delegate to them.

First and foremost, my team is my family. I treat them well and they do the same for me. We truly care for each other and always have each others backs.

If you are starting to add on team members, I encourage you to really get to know your team members even before you hire them. Make sure they understand your company mission, align with your company core values + get your vision for your business.

I also pay attention to what motivates them, how they like to be rewarded and based on their personality, how to best communicate with them.

I also wanted to touch on the statement that Adrienne made about feeling like delegating tasks is just as much work and just as time consuming as doing the work herself.

I used to think that too, but listen friends…if you are going to grow your business, you can’t do it all yourself, nor should you. So put on your CEO hat and start delegating to others who know how to do it better than you. Not only will this save you time in the long run, but it will also save your sanity and also allow you to concentrate on the things you do best. Remember, CEO does not stand for Chief Everything Officer.

Think Oprah-style. Start small, but dream big and little by little, build up to the business + team of your dreams. Remember, it doesn’t get built overnight. Stay focused and always have your big vision in mind.

So, Adrienne also said it sometimes feels overwhelming trying to figure out what to delegate and to whom.

I suggest doing a download of all of the tasks that need to be done in your business. Once you have downloaded them, group them into similar buckets. Admin tasks, content creation, tasks for working with clients or tasks for launching a new product or service, or whatever all of the things are that needed to be done in your business.

I also recommend creating a team chart (looks like a traditional organization chart) of all of the team members you eventually want to have in your business. At first, your chart will probably have your name in most of the boxes. As you grow, those boxes will start to be filled with other people’s names. The goal is to only do the things you are really good at or like doing in the future and delegating the other tasks to team members.

Now I want to take you step-by-step through how I delegate to my team and how this might work for you if you don’t have a business manager or all of the same team members as me.

My Director of Happiness, Kayleigh, manages my schedule, checks emails, is the community manager for my Facebook groups + my membership experience, posts to our blog, uploads episodes to my podcast, manages webinar setup + more. She is our team implementor.

Kayleigh checks in with me every Monday via Asana, our project management system. She messages me within Asana with updates on my week’s schedule and any necessary items I need to look at.

We also use Slack, our communication portal, for any quick questions on our team.

We also use HelpScout for incoming emails and she assigns only important emails I need to answer to me.

Okay, now onto my business manager, Amanda. I have a Zoom call with Amanda every Tuesday. Our calls are used to review our main things: the podcast, my membership experience, The Savvy Community, and my high level, high touch mastermind, the Savvy Business Circle. We celebrate big wins + look to refining or how we can make them better for our listeners, members + community.

I come up with the ideas and make sure we stay aligned with my business’ focus + purpose, Amanda helps me with the strategies + making sure we stay on task and on time. She also delegates everything to our other team members.

If the project isn’t in Asana, our project management system, it doesn’t get done. So everything has its place in Asana and is assigned to someone and has a deadline.

We also have a monthly team call via Zoom. It is the first Wednesday of every month. We communicate via Asana or Slack in between.

I also like to do an annual virtual Team Retreat, where we plan for the next year plus I get to spoil my team with treats that arrive a day or two before the retreat and then we take a whole day to dive into my business + I also get to dive into their lives to see how I can help them get to how they want to live + how I can better support them in my business.

Remember, they are my family and as I rise…I want them to rise too!

So if you have a team like mine or a smaller team, here are my top tips to help you delegate efficiently and effectively:

    1. Know each person’s role + responsibilities. If you don’t know what they are supposed to do and what their role is, then how are they supposed to know. Before you hire someone, they should have a defined role and list of responsibilities. Then, you can hold them accountable + they know what they are accountable for.
    2. Use a project management system. This will save you time, energy + money. We use Asana. It is free. But whatever works for you and your business. Find something that works and use it.
    3. Treat your team like you would want to be treated. I hear too many times about owners who treat their team members as just a number or bark orders at them. If you want them to help you in your business, you better treat them right.
    4. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Having problems, speak up! Allow your team members to speak up too. Let them know if there are issues, you want to hear about them. No matter what, make sure the lines of communication are always open. This is crucial!
  • Allow them to give feedback + suggestions + really be a part of the team.
    1. Allow them to own their role. Do not try to micromanage them, please! They are in their role because they are good at what they do. Allow them to do it!
  • Reward them for doing a good job + let them know you appreciate them.

Mistakes will be made. There will be obstacles. But if you don’t delegate, you can not elevate your business.

So I want to know from you, what will you begin to delegate + who will you start to delegate to?


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