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Ep. 006 Making a Shift in Your Business

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April 29, 2019
006 - Making the Shift in Your Business3

In this episode:

learn the four key steps you need to take as you shift or transition your business, so you don’t lose your audience or clients/customers.

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In my last episode, we talked about how we are all going to stop playing small + shine bright. If you missed that episode, go check it out, because it got a lot of people fired up to do big things and stop playing small.

Today, we have another question from one of our listeners, Krystal Clark of Krystal Clark Creative. Here is what Krystal asked:

[When experiencing a shift to a completely different service area, is there a best practice for informing your audience or your current client base of the change without losing their business during your transition.]

Krystal, thank you so much for your question. I wanted to answer this question, because I have transitioned in my business a few times…from attorney to event planner to coach.

First, before I move forward, I want to state every situation is different and what you do may depend on how much of a shift you are making. When I was making a shift from being an attorney to an event planner, it was a huge leap. When I started coaching entrepreneurs 8 years ago, I actually started in the event industry for event professionals I knew or had met from conferences or from event business events. When I made the transition to what I do know, the shift was a little bit easier…it was more like an expansion than a shift.

Here are the four steps you need to take as you make the shift, so you don’t lose your clients, customers or target audience:


  1. Be honest + open about it. Proactive + transparency
  2. Give them time to adjust
  3. Explain why you are making the change
  4. Anticipate questions
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