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Your business deserves to thrive, not just survive. But what does thriving look like for you? Not every entrepreneur wants the same thing or has the same goals. Get ready to build, grow or scale your business your way...the Savvy way.

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Still in the first years of your business and want to build a better business foundation? Let's build it together.




Need to start planting the right seeds to grow your business to the next level? Let's grow it together.

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I’m Heather Crabtree...

I am a business coach and I would love to help you to intentionally + strategically build, grow or scale your online service business in a way that positively impacts your clients and aligns with the life you want to live.

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A little about me personally...

I am an enneagram 2w3, Kolbe Quickstart, Human Design Generator, ENFJ and a Strengthsfinder Activator, Maximizer, Ideation + Input gal. 

I am an Indiana girl who took a 3-year law school detour in Oklahoma City (where I met my husband) and became an attorney. I loved the education, hated the practice. So I started my first business at the age of 24, grew the business and then sold it in 2014 to start heathercrabtree.com.

I love sunny days at our home in Arizona sitting outside by our pool (when it is not 112) and mornings filled with meditation, chats with my fam (husband of 16 years and my three kidsa) and a warm cup of coffee with a big glass of H2O.

I love to chat about the things that matter to me (and hopefully to you too): building community, loving family, growing businesses, parenthood + raising kids, being a bold leader, fighting social + racial injustices, and bringing awareness to pediatric cancer.

You can usually find me curled up reading a good book, on my computer helping Savvies (what my community passionately refers to themselves as), running a successful business or snuggling with my kids and hubby.

I love co-creating with business owners to help them design a business that positively impacts their clients, but also aligns with the life they desire. I love getting curious about everything instead of staying comfortable in the status quo. I love leading with compassion and kindness. I am a continual learner. I love connecting.

I have mentored + coached thousands of entrepreneurs wanting the same thing as you: more freedom, more money + more impact. Let me help you do the same!


want to build, grow or scale your business?

What They Are Saying


Heather is a business coach that understands balancing life, cares about building an ethical business, and cares about our mental health and business health. Sometimes it's real talk and sometimes a hug. She does it all!

Lauren, Be Peachie


Heather has the ability to take whatever you say you are going to do and make you feel like you can accomplish 10x more than that.

- Jenaé, The Creative Chief


Typically in other communities, the experience has been just about the sales, the numbers and the products, but with Heather + Savvy, it is also about fitting your business into the life you want. That view is more aligned with the way I want to live my life.

- Sam, Effortless Web Kits


I loved the personal attention that Heather gave to help us launch our programs. I felt taken care of and loved the accountability.

- Bernice, Kornerstone Wealth Management

Tasha Booth

I love being in a room full of women who are working as hard as I am, are at the same level and who I can look up to and know they are creating these amazing businesses just like I am. They are also supporting me with the good and the bad and what I am going through in my business.

- Tasha, The Launch Guild

Sara (1)

I loved working with Heather. She always took the time to speak with us and hold us accountable. With Heather's expertise and feedback, I was able to launch a successful membership. Without her help, I don't think I would have taken the steps to launch the membership.

- Sara, Sara Vartanian


After working with Heather, I sold out my group program in one week. She helped me confidently launch this group program in 30 days.

- Alissa, Teacher Hustle University

You may remember me from...

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