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 I teach you how to easily

scale your online service business with a group offer...

so you can make a bigger impact + more money while working less.

Do you dream of No-Work Wednesdays for a little self care or Friday Fundays with your kids but instead you find yourself working 50-hour weeks in your business?

Friend, you are not alone. I did too!

I was tired of continually getting the same questions again and again from my one-to-one clients, working 50-60 hour weeks + trying to find time for my family.

Even though I was making a lot of money, I felt like I was failing at life.


Something had to change.

I needed to leverage my knowledge + expertise without more 1:1 client time.

So I started creating group offers.

01. Created my first course, Streamline with Systems

I sold out the limited seats immediately while vacationing with my family at Disneyland and made $30,000.

02. Created 6-month group program, Savvy Business Circle

Within one week, we sold out the 25 spots and generated $80,000. The program included two team coaches plus me.

03. Hosted a women's business conference, The Savvy Experience

After the success of the group program, we sold out the experience and changed the business trajectory for almost every woman in that room.

04. Launched a game-changing membership, The Savvy Community

It was one of the first successful memberships for female entrepreneurs of its kind.

05. Re-launched an updated version of the group program/mastermind, Savvy Business Circle

Most of these women are now making 6-7 figures in their business.

06. Restructured + added to name, Your Savvy Business Circle

Relaunched it as a rolling enrollment coaching experience with 1:1 access with me, a new framework, trainings, community, celebration system, and so much more.

With these group offers...

my business grew exponentially,

my clients and members got better results

and I was able to focus on my family (while not only growing our family, but also battling cancer with my daughter for 3 1/2 years.)

And not only have I done it for myself...

but I have helped hundreds of service-based business owners go from surviving to thriving in their business and their life by simply taking their expert knowledge...

and leveraging it with a group offer like a course, membership, group program or a success pod.

And I have a feeling you are going to be next!

let's create your group offer + scale your business together

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I’m Heather Crabtree...

I am a business coach and I would love to help you scale your online business with a group offer...especially with a membership, group program or a success pod. I have successfully done all three and would love to share my secret sauce with you.


A little about me personally...

I am an enneagram 2w3, Kolbe Quickstart, Human Design Generator, ENFJ and a Strengthsfinder Activator, Maximizer, Ideation + Input gal.

I am an Indiana girl who took a 3-year law school detour in Oklahoma City, became an attorney. Loved the education, hated the practice. So I started by first business at the age of 24, grew the business and then sold it in 2014 to start heathercrabtree.com.

I love sunny days at our home in Arizona sitting outside by our pool (when it is not 112) and mornings filled with meditation, chats with my fam and a warm cup of coffee with a big glass of H2O.

I love to chat about the things that matter to me: building community, loving family, growing businesses, mamahood + raising kids, being a bold leader, fighting social + racial injustices, and bringing awareness to pediatric cancer.

You can usually find me curled up reading a good book, on my computer helping Savvies (what my community passionately refers to themselves as), run a successful business or snuggling with my kids and hubby.

I have mentored + coached hundreds of entrepreneurs wanting the same thing as you: more freedom, more money + more impact. Let me help you do the same!


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