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What I Have Learned About Business

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February 7, 2018
The Savvy Community with Heather Crabtree

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Oh love, you might be surprised to know that I have been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years…yes, I started when I was 15 (wink, wink.) But over the 15 years I have learned A LOT about life + business. We will save the life tips for another day, but today I want to share with you the six most important things I have learned as a business owner and how to run a Savvy + profitable business!

Know the Heart of Your Business

You need to know WHY you own your business. What is the message you are trying to send? WHO is it that you are trying to help? HOW are you going to make a difference?

This is especially important to know when times are hard in business, because it will not always be rainbows and roses. On those days, being able to center back to your core and know why you started this business in the first place will enable you to move forward.


Present Your Brand in the Best Light

Are you presenting your brand in its best light? Do your visuals, copy and overall voice of your brand represent the vision of your business? You want to make sure your brand screams YOU, sista friend. Don’t shy away from letting your personality shine and allowing your audience to really connect with you.

The first step is determining your brand voice. Then, you need to create your brand visuals and you also need to determine your brand copy.


Streamline with Systems

Workflows got you down? Or are you shouting “What the heck are workflows?” and feeling like you are spinning in a vicious cycle of chaos? It doesn’t have to be that hard. Start with this task to get started on creating your systems.

Take inventory of all of the tasks you or someone else does in your business. Document all of the tasks. Categorize the tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annually or Annually Decide whether to automate, delegate or batch. Boom, systemizing has begun!

Know Your Money

You are screaming in your head “Show Me The Money”, but your business is coming up in the red. You have to get your pricing, budgeting and all things dolla, dolla bills in check!

Figure out your pricing strategy. You also need to determine a budget for your business. And then you gotta make sure you are doing things that are keeping you profitable.


Promote Your Offerings and Get the Cha-Ching

Feel like you are doing everything, but no one is listening? Launch a service or product and then hear crickets? Girlfriend, let’s change that immediately with these ideas all about how to promote your offering and have everyone hittin’ that BUY NOW button!


Build Your Dream Team

Ready to build your dreamy team, don’t know where to start? Let me show you below how to grow your team + scale your business together. Are you tired of doing #allthethings and wish you had a team to support you?

Download my Savvy Business Roadmap.

Share in the comments below what checkpoint you are going to work on for your business?


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