A coaching experience for online coaches + service providers who want to go from 1:1 clients to growing their business with a group offer: course, membership, group program or success pod.

In this community coaching experience, each savvy business owner I work with is either...


successfully working with clients 1:1 and wants to move to a 1:many model or has created one group offer and wants to develop a group offer suite.


Do one of these describe you?

IF Yes, I can help.
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I have been an entrepreneur for 16+ years. With a law + business degree in hand, I started my first service-based business at the age of 24 and sold it 10 years later. When I started my second business, I had been coaching other business owners in my industry for over four years. I began by coaching 1:1 again in my current business, but quickly decided a group offer would better serve my clients + it would also better serve me and the life I wanted to live.

I have had successful courses, memberships, group programs and success pods (all the things I teach now). Not only did my business exponentially grow, but my client and members got even better results than working with me just 1:1.

Hint: the secret sauce is in the community!! It is why I love group offers. When you surround yourself by others who are taking action + upleveling, you uplevel too!

Not only have I grown my business with group offers, but I have also helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and creatives do it as well!

And I have a feeling you are going to be next!

You have worked your booty off to grow your business over the years. You have amazing client transformations + success stories, but you want to scale your business + you want to do it without working 24/7, stressing out every day and hiring ten additional people, right?

You also want to teach others how to do the things you know how to do really well...but you don't want to do it 1:1 anymore. You want to leverage your expertise with a course, membership, group program or success pod...but creating one or more group offers seems so overwhelming!


you have what it takes and you know your stuff...

you just need a plan, accountability + support!

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Imagine this for a moment...

Within the first week we come up with your personalized plan to positively impact more people with a group offer and within the first month you have created your first or next group offer with my easy step-by-step group offer success plan.

Enrolling, onboarding, accountability, coaching, curriculum, etc...I help you with it all.

Then we move into creating content that supports your group offer, marketing your group offer, launching your group offer with ease, making sure the delivery is delighting your members

But there's more... once you have launched, we assess to see what needs to be added, taken away or up, add automation and turn it evergreen.

And there is still more... we will help you bring on team members to help you run the group offers so you can stay in your genius zone. YES!!!

With an experienced coach (yes, that is me) and team by your side, you will be supported the whole way with 1:1 calls, group calls, weekly checkins, quick + easy trainings and a whole lot more. You will also have an amazing community of colleagues who are at the same level as you (and not just beginning their business.) 

You will no longer work around the clock serving a million different 1:1 clients. Instead you will create a group offer that serves your members (because members are known to thrive in group offers when they are surrounded by community who are doing the same thing) and serves you + your life better too!


a 6-month coaching experience for online coaches + service providers who want to go from 1:1 coaching to growing their business with group offers.

Grow with Group Offers members get:

  1. Impactful 1:1 Coaching + Support

    You get a 60-minute onboarding call, direct messaging access during business hours for 12 months, personalized plan + feedback and help for continual movement to your goals.


  2. Weekly Accountability + Progress Checkins

    Each week we checkin on Mondays with priorities for the week, Wednesdays for progress checkins and Fridays for Confetti Moments (Wins). We will also share tips, videos, audio recordings, and any additional trainings that are needed for our members.


  3. Monthly group coaching calls

    You get two group coaching calls a month where we discuss any questions you have regarding any part of Your Savvy Business™ Framework, your personalized success plan, overall business questions or personal + life questions that relate to your business. The calls are every other week.


  4. Quarterly Planning Intensives

    At the end of each quarter, I host quarterly planning intensives to help you prepare for the next 90 days so you can reach your goals.


  5. A Customizable Framework for YOUR Business

    We will use Your Savvy Business™ Framework to walk you step-by-step to be able to customize your group offer to exactly the way you want it and your clients need it to be.


  6. Success Pod Assignment + Checkins

    We will assign you to your own success pod where you will be able to co-work, ask questions and discuss topics between the small group.


  7. Guest Experts

    We will bring in brilliant experts who are excited to share their knowledge and help you grow your business.


  8. An AMazing Virtual Community

    One of the best parts of the coaching experience is being surrounded by brilliant like-minded business owners who also want to grow their business with group offers. You can share ideas, the "what-not-to-dos" and the the confetti moments as you work together to grow your businesses. And the online community is easy to access from your phone or your desktop and it is not on Facebook.


  9. FUn Surprises, Trainings, Gifts + More

    I love to surprise my members with guest experts, pop-up trainings, co-working events, fun + helpful classes, physical gifts for progress (my favorite) and so much more!


The value of this coaching experience is over $12,000.


Your investment is $1000/month.

Over the next 6 months together...

you will have an experienced mentor/coach + team by your side and be surrounded by like-minded colleagues.

We will work together to create a new group offer or group offer suite that works for YOUR business and YOU.

We will also work through Your Savvy Business™ Framework so you can better serve your people, sell your offers and scale your business without the continual hustle and grind cycle, overwhelm and burnout.

Better understanding your audience, creating your group offer, crafting content, launching your offer, delivering with delight, automating to evergreen and delegating to your is all included.



This is for you if...

you are an online coach or service provider who is an action taker and is ready to grow your business with a group offer.

You have been in business for at least a few years. You were and may still be providing a 1-1 service and now you have or want to move to a teaching/coaching model with a course, membership, group program or success pod.

This is NOT for you if...

you only have a product business

are not ready to take immediate action to grow your business with a group offer or

are just getting started in your business.

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